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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix corruption of CONFIG_X86_32 in 'make oldconfig'
On Monday 30 May 2011, David Woodhouse wrote:
> And as I said, it's still an incomplete solution if you actually want a
> 'filtered randconfig' to do anything *useful*. You'd be much better off
> implementing a real filtered randconfig that allows you to give a list
> of hard-coded options, rather than relying on a dirty hack that only
> actually sets one option of the many that you might need to
> 'hard-code' if you actually wanted a useful build.

I'm actually looking for a way to do filtered randconfig (and
all{yes,mod,no}config) for ARM, so hopefully we can come up with
something useful.

Our problem today is that we have not just two but dozens of
incompatible platforms, and with randconfig every 'choice'
statements still just gets its default, which makes randconfig
builds fairly useless.

What I'd like to see is one or both of these two behaviors:

* Take a defconfig file (with the new format that only sets
non-default options), and keep everything in there but
apply the rand/no/yes/mod-config to all other symbols.

* Randomize all settings, including choice statements.


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