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SubjectRe: Long timeout when booting >= 2.6.38

> Hm.. I wonder if the MSI quirk mucks up the hpet and acpi pm?
> Could you send me the full dmesg output both with and without the
> 08ec0c58fb8a05d3191d5cb6f5d6f81adb419798 commit applied?

Here we go:

Working (08ec0c58fb8a05d3191d5cb6f5d6f81adb419798 - 1)

Not working (08ec0c58fb8a05d3191d5cb6f5d6f81adb419798)

> Also, does the same issue crop up if you compile the kernel with
> CONFIG_PCI_MSI disabled?

I don't seem to be able to switch that off. It gets reset when building
the kernel (dependencies?). I then tried to use kernel param pci=nomsi,
but the problem persists.


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