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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] oom: don't kill random process
    > I'm afraid that a second time through the tasklist in select_bad_process() 
    > is simply a non-starter for _any_ case; it significantly increases the
    > amount of time that tasklist_lock is held and causes problems elsewhere on
    > large systems -- such as some of ours -- since irqs are disabled while
    > waiting for the writeside of the lock. I think it would be better to use
    > a proportional privilege for root processes based on the amount of memory
    > they are using (discounting 1% of memory per 10% of memory used, as
    > proposed earlier, seems sane) so we can always protect root when necessary
    > and never iterate through the list again.
    > Please look into the earlier review comments on the other patches, refresh
    > the series, and post it again. Thanks!

    Never mind.

    You never see to increase tasklist_lock. You never seen all processes
    have root privilege case.

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