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SubjectRe: Easy portable testcase! (Re: Kernel falls apart under light memory pressure (i.e. linking vmlinux))
On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Minchan Kim <> wrote:
>> It works only if the zone meets high watermark. If allocation is
>> faster than reclaim(ie, it's true for slow swap device), the zone
>> would remain congested.
>> It means swapout would block.
>> As we see the OOM log, we can know that DMA32 zone can't meet high watermark.
>> Does my guessing make sense?
> Hi Andrew.
> I got failed your scenario in my machine so could you be willing to
> test this patch for proving my above scenario?
> The patch is just revert patch of 0e093d99[do not sleep on the
> congestion queue...] for
> I would like to test it for proving my above zone congestion scenario.
> I did it based on for your easy apply so you must apply it
> cleanly on vanilla v2.6.38.6.
> And you have to add !pgdat_balanced and shrink_slab patch.

No, because my laptop just decided that it doesn't like to turn on. :(

I'll test it on my VM on Tuesday and (fingers crossed) on my repaired
laptop next weekend.


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