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Subject[PATCH 0/5] PM: Support for generic I/O power domains (v4)

This is the third update of the patchset adding support for generic I/O power
domains. All patches were posted previously, but I needed to rebase shmobile
patches on top of the current mainline kernel.

From my perspective, the patches are ready for merging and I'm going put
patches [1-4/5] into my power-domains branch for 2.6.41 (or whatever it turns
out to be) after 2.6.40-rc1 (or whatever it is going to be called) is out.
Patch [5/5] is optional.

The entire patchset has been tested with an ARM shmobile Mackerel board.

[1/5] - Support for generic I/O power domains (runtime PM part).
[2/5] - Support for generic I/O power domains (system sleep part).
[3/5] - Implementation of generic I/O power domains support for SH7372.
[4/5] - [RFC] Support of multiple power domain states.
[5/5] - Introduction of SH7372's A4MP power domain.


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