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Subject__raw_notify_call_chain() stops in kernel_power_off path BUT ONLY with nfsroot
To try to duplicate this, boot an nfsroot-ed machine into run-level 1, 
and run 'halt -n -d -f -p'.

I'm debugging why the machine will not physically remove power on a
power down path, and I've traced it to __raw_notify_call_chain() which
simply calls notify_call_chain() to do the work.

I'm running Linux version and the code path I've traced with
added printk()'s is the following (with some uninteresting paths not

(This code is in kernel/sys.c and kernel/notifier.c and a few other
arch.-specific places)

?? strange second call from unknown location to:
then it just stops...

Machine does not hang as I can see NFS timeout messages after a few
minutes (probably interrupt context), but no further printk's are
manifest, and system stays in this state until physically reset and is

Two additional pieces of information:

1) there is a single return from one of the __raw_notifier_call_chain()
invocations, likely the second one (but no evidence to this effect),
which I can see due to printk()
immediately before 'return' statement at the end of the
__raw_notifier_call_chain() function.

2) more interesting, with the same kernel and same rootfs booted from a
local harddisk, the path continues, with a 'return' from the other
__raw_notifier_call_chain() function, and this code path continues
normally until the machine is powered down via
acpi_enter_sleep_state(S5) acpi code.

Since this code works on local disk, it should work on nfsroot. I think
the question that needs an answer is

What is different about the notifier list when root=/dev/nfsroot vs.
localdisk or is there some other interrupt-based issue going on away
from my prying eyes...?

Other question, is why are there two CONSECUTIVE entries to
__raw_notifier_call_chain() EVEN IN the working case without a return()
of some sort in between? Is it a dual-cpu issue? Is this code running
on both CPUs? Its a dual-cpu AMD machine...I ask because the source
code does not appear recursive and I'm just wondering if that is an
issue even though it works most of the time (i.e., is the real bug that
it works when it shouldn't due to some strange alignment of the stars
that is not present with nfsroot, but that is a just random thought).

John Z. Bohach

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