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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] dont commify big numbers by default, let -B do it
On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 6:44 AM, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> * Jim Cromie <> wrote:
>> > Also, i think for automation we'd also like to have a 'simple
>> > output' mode, would you like to add that?
>> OK, heres 1st cut at it, adding option --simple, for review /
>> feedback
>> Its based upon the csv-output code mostly, with some vestiges of
>> verbose..
> Ok, we can do something like this - but please see the comments on
> the patch further below:
>> > Something a bit like what you can see in 'perf stat -v true':
>> > Without the human output later on, and with elapsed time added as
>> > well.
>> for my part, Id like the moral equivalent of time(s)? output too,
>> though I suspect thats a separate patch..
> yeah. No objection to that either: time is well known and the stddev
> output by perf stat --repeat is well liked. Wanna combine the two?

I think so, depending upon what exactly 'combining' means.

>> real  0m3.019s
>> user  0m0.005s
>> sys   0m0.012s
>> are these timings already taken by perf-stat ?
>> is it a simple matter of addition and printing ?
>> If not, whats involved ?
> Do you mean the real/user/sys bits? Elapsed time is already measured,
> but you'd have to extract the rusage bits to get to the stime/utime
> values.

> We could also add those as explicit events.

ISTM this makes sense - make them 1st class objects,
rather than some crufty fiddling in builtin-stats.
Can you give me a few hints re what/where to add ?

Also, is it sensible/practical to add self / +children flavors

>> Also, task-clock-msec doesnt quite match up with times' user number
>> Whats going on here ?
> task-clock-msec is generally much more accurate than the 0.005
> printed by 'time'.
> About the patch:
> We *really* want something cleaner here: a print_ops vector of
> function pointers which would contain a handful of helper functions
> called by the higher level code?

added struct print_ops:

sending separately, will attempt to in-reply-to them here.

> Also, instead of adding -s/--simple we really want a single
> print-format option that knows about all the format 'drivers':
>  --print simple
>  --print csv
>  --print default
>  --print verbose
> or so.

I left it as -x <delim> , since simple is basically csv.
in csv, "<not counted>" becomes "<not-counted>"
since latter makes -x ' ' useful.
also added -x '\t' --> tab

> Also, please run scripts/ over your patches, the above
> is i think not matching the coding style we use in the kernel (unless
> webmail mangled your patch).

emacs did it. I didnt fuss to correct cuz patch wasnt for prime-time.
Now corrected with .emacs additions from CodingStyle.
and checkpatched.


> Thanks,
>        Ingo
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