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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] unicore32 subsystem: 6 patches for 2.6.39
On Thursday 26 May 2011, GuanXuetao wrote:
> Two patches for PKUnity v3 SoC drivers:
> add mac driver, and move rtc driver to appropriate place
> Two patches for new 2.6.39 updates:
> using generic-y and modify PERCPU macro
> Other two patches are small fixes.
> ---
> Guan Xuetao (6):
> unicore32: move rtc-puv3.c to drivers/rtc directory
> unicore32: add pkunity-v3 mac/net driver (umal)
> unicore32: change zImage physical address, though it's PIC codes
> unicore32: add KBUILD_DEFCONFIG with unicore32_defconfig (old
> debug_defconfig)
> unicore32: change PERCPU to PERCPU_SECTION
> unicore32: using generic-y format for one line asm-generic files

The patches look basically ok, but two points to remember:

* The merge window is not the time to post patches for review, if you
want to collect Acked-by's from other people, do that in the
time between the merge windows, then put the patches in your git
tree with the Acked-by for linux-next. During the merge window, just
send stuff that was already in your tree to Linus.

Bug fixes should get sent to Linus at any time, but I think you already
did that, all of these were either new features or cleanups.

* Add a small text explaining why you do something to each patch. The
one-line summary that you always have is too short for this and only
serves to list what you change, not why.


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