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SubjectRE: [RFC 0/9] mce recovery for Sandy Bridge server
> How about separating stuffs in:
> step1) Add support for AR in user space :
> - send sigbus to affected processes, poison affected memory
> - panic if error is in kernel
> step2) Add support for AR in kernel
> - some new notify/handle mechanism etc.
> It seems too big jump for me.

Agreed - we can go step by step with different recovery cases. Deciding
which to implement is a classic benefit vs. effort trade off.

For each case determine some ball-park numbers for the percentage of
memory that will be in the state you wish to recover (hence user-mode
scores very highly because most people buy machines to run applications,
though there are some exceptions like file servers).

Determine the effort and invasiveness of a solution to recover - here
it is clear that a way to handle arbitrary kernel memory corruption
is never going to fly - but there is hope for some simple cases like
copy to/from user (that already are specially tagged so that user level
page faults can be processed).


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