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SubjectRe: Erroneous package power limit notification since kernel 2.6.39

I tried to git-bisect to find the root cause of this issue, but feel somewhat
lost after spending two evening without any usefull results.

I started with v2.6.38 as last known good and v2.6.39-rc1 as first known bad
version. My presumption was that bisection would now just happen between those
two versions - but somehow I ended up building 2.6.38.rc3,+ 2.6.38.rc7+,
2.6.38.rc2+ and 2.6.38.rc1+ during this process. Versions that are beyond the
starting range I intended to use. Or maybe I just haven't understood the whole
process yet.

Both of my bisection attempts ended near the same set of drm/i915 changes that
resulted in non-bootable kernels. Considering I'm using a Intel(R) Core(TM)
i7-2720QM with some Intel Sandybridge Chipset graphics those might sound
somewhat plausible to someone knowing the internals, but don't help me at all.

I'm not yet 100% sure, but I think the package power limit notification events I
see in /var/log/messages might coincide with the moment of my xorg startup. (But
those are just wall clock time estimations.) I will try some bootups without X
later this evening and report back if those package power limit notification
events also trigger without X running.

The "result" of my last git bisection attempt was:

git bisect start
# good: [521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d] Linux 2.6.38
git bisect good 521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d
# bad: [0ce790e7d736cedc563e1fb4e998babf5a4dbc3d] Linux 2.6.39-rc1
git bisect bad 0ce790e7d736cedc563e1fb4e998babf5a4dbc3d
# bad: [179198373cf374f0ef793f1023c1cdd83b53674d] Merge branch 'nfs-for-2.6.39'
of git://
git bisect bad 179198373cf374f0ef793f1023c1cdd83b53674d
# good: [6445ced8670f37cfc2c5e24a9de9b413dbfc788d] Merge branch 'staging-next'
of git://
git bisect good 6445ced8670f37cfc2c5e24a9de9b413dbfc788d
# good: [d72751ede1b9bf993d7bd3377305c8e9e36a3cc4] Merge branch 'for-davem' of
git bisect good d72751ede1b9bf993d7bd3377305c8e9e36a3cc4
# good: [16d8775700f1815076f879719ce14b33f50a3171] Merge branch 'for-linus' of
git bisect good 16d8775700f1815076f879719ce14b33f50a3171
# bad: [fd34b0dee4d237ce9332cc62b03adebfe4fa9f9d] Merge
git bisect bad fd34b0dee4d237ce9332cc62b03adebfe4fa9f9d
# good: [bd35fe5a7930bf83ed56422ea4e4b6471ee6f739] drm/nouveau: fix
__nouveau_fence_wait performance
git bisect good bd35fe5a7930bf83ed56422ea4e4b6471ee6f739
# bad: [942b0e95c34f1ba432d08e1c0288ed032d32c3b2] drm/radeon/kms: fix typo in
atom overscan setup
git bisect bad 942b0e95c34f1ba432d08e1c0288ed032d32c3b2
# bad: [308977ac03117706c342099a40919b3da2667cce] drm/i915: Use DEBUG_KMS for
the self-refresh watermarks
git bisect bad 308977ac03117706c342099a40919b3da2667cce
# skip: [417ae1476de3ae9689a374d70565f41b3474641e] drm/i915: Include TLB miss
latency in g4x watermark computations
git bisect skip 417ae1476de3ae9689a374d70565f41b3474641e
# skip: [b0b544cd37c060e261afb2cf486296983fcb56da] drm/i915: Use PM QoS to
prevent C-State starvation of gen3 GPU
git bisect skip b0b544cd37c060e261afb2cf486296983fcb56da
# skip: [fe4402931e43e81a4129eba41d05cf8907603af5] Merge branch
'drm-intel-fixes' into drm-intel-next
git bisect skip fe4402931e43e81a4129eba41d05cf8907603af5
# bad: [987a709e1589cf10e250e04ce9df910b735d4f60] drm/i915: remove now
unnecessary delays in eDP panel power sequencing
git bisect bad 987a709e1589cf10e250e04ce9df910b735d4f60
# skip: [18b2190ca5bd3f19717421b1591c79c9b0372428] drm/i915: allow 945 to
control self refresh (CxSR) automatically
git bisect skip 18b2190ca5bd3f19717421b1591c79c9b0372428
# skip: [6f06ce184c765fd8d50669a8d12fdd566c920859] drm/i915: set phase sync
pointer override enable before setting phase sync pointer
git bisect skip 6f06ce184c765fd8d50669a8d12fdd566c920859
# skip: [b24e71798871089da1a4ab049db2800afc1aac0c] drm/i915: add pipe/plane
enable/disable functions
git bisect skip b24e71798871089da1a4ab049db2800afc1aac0c
# skip: [f67a559daaa0e2ba616bfe9438f202bc57bc8c72] drm/i915: skip FDI & PCH
enabling for DP_A
git bisect skip f67a559daaa0e2ba616bfe9438f202bc57bc8c72
# skip: [ea0760cfc00b9e534423fdaf630d1c8ce7a5ede0] drm/i915: add panel lock
assertion function
git bisect skip ea0760cfc00b9e534423fdaf630d1c8ce7a5ede0
# skip: [ccab5c82759e2ace74b2e84f82d1e0eedd932571] drm/i915: tune Sandy Bridge
DRPS constants
git bisect skip ccab5c82759e2ace74b2e84f82d1e0eedd932571
# skip: [a37f2f87edc1b6e5932becf6e51535d36b690f2a] drm/i915: Remove unused code:
git bisect skip a37f2f87edc1b6e5932becf6e51535d36b690f2a
# skip: [aa9b500ddf1a6318e7cf8b1754696edddae86db9] drm/i915: Honour LVDS sync
polarity from EDID
git bisect skip aa9b500ddf1a6318e7cf8b1754696edddae86db9
# skip: [c0c06bd244179f754d68684fd87674585a153e40] drm/i915/ringbuffer: Kill an
annoyingly frequent debug message
git bisect skip c0c06bd244179f754d68684fd87674585a153e40
# skip: [311bd68e024f9006db66cbadc3bd9f62fd663f4b] drm/i915: Trivial sparse fixes
git bisect skip 311bd68e024f9006db66cbadc3bd9f62fd663f4b
# skip: [63d7bbe9ded4146e3f78e5742b119fa1fdb52665] drm/i915: add PLL
enable/disable functions
git bisect skip 63d7bbe9ded4146e3f78e5742b119fa1fdb52665
# skip: [0fc932b8ec36116bb759105ce910b0475e63112a] drm/i915: factor out FDI
disable and add FDI assertions
git bisect skip 0fc932b8ec36116bb759105ce910b0475e63112a
# bad: [bdd92c9ad287e03a2ec52f5a89c470cd5caae1c2] Merge branch 'drm-intel-fixes'
into drm-intel-next
git bisect bad bdd92c9ad287e03a2ec52f5a89c470cd5caae1c2
# skip: [040484af3a4efa65786b6e107fbe74747679e17c] drm/i915: add transcoder
enable/disable functions
git bisect skip 040484af3a4efa65786b6e107fbe74747679e17c
# skip: [633f2ea26665d37bb3c8ae30799aa14988622653] drm/i915: Disable SSC for
outputs other than LVDS or DP
git bisect skip 633f2ea26665d37bb3c8ae30799aa14988622653
# skip: [d9b6cb568bc6eca8db88357bf8bbb92d42a91b1e] drm/i915: assert panel is
unlocked before writing transcoder timing regs
git bisect skip d9b6cb568bc6eca8db88357bf8bbb92d42a91b1e
# skip: [9a4114ffa7b6f5f4635e3745a8dc051d15d4596a] drm/i915/bios: Change default
clock source on PineView to use SSC
git bisect skip 9a4114ffa7b6f5f4635e3745a8dc051d15d4596a
# skip: [92f2584a083986c05fc811bbdf380c3fa7c12296] drm/i915: add PCH DPLL
enable/disable functions
git bisect skip 92f2584a083986c05fc811bbdf380c3fa7c12296
# skip: [65993d64a31844ad444694efb2d159eb9c883e49] drm/i915: don't enable plane,
pipe and PLL prematurely
git bisect skip 65993d64a31844ad444694efb2d159eb9c883e49
# skip: [01fe9dbde19a1a27b8ee63e2d964562962e1eb78] drm/i915: Use ACPI OpRegion
to determine lid status
git bisect skip 01fe9dbde19a1a27b8ee63e2d964562962e1eb78

Olaf Freyer

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