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    SubjectRe: Mysterious CFQ crash and RCU
    > Polling is fine.  Please see attached for a script to poll at 15-second
    > intervals. Please also feel free to adjust, just tell me what you
    > adjusted.

    0) I have not yet tried this script, but I did have a look at it (to see
    what's needed to run it).

    1) All debugfs files it polls come from kernel/rcutree_trace.c. That
    file is written as a module (and will only be built if
    CONFIG_TREE_RCU_TRACE isn't "n"). But in init/Kconfig, the
    TREE_RCU_TRACE config entry is set to "def_bool".

    2) So shouldn't either the config entry be set to "tristate" or the
    module support removed from kernel/rcutree_trace.c?

    Paul Bolle

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