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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] more x86/apic changes for v2.6.40

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> Possibly the resume fix in the APIC merge :-/
> It's these commits:
> 31dce14a3269: x86, ioapic: Use ioapic_saved_data while enabling intr-remapping
> 4c79185cdb14: x86, ioapic: Allocate ioapic_saved_data early
> b64ce24daffb: x86, ioapic: Fix potential resume deadlock
> The first one fixes the resume bug in an easily backportable way (although
> the GFP_ATOMIC is not nice), the later two do it cleaner.
> So if b64ce24daffb works for you and 31dce14a3269 breaks this would signal
> that the fix from Suresh is the source of the Atom regression.

In particular the lapic_resume() bit looks suspect. Does save_ioapic_entries()
get called? It's called in enable_IR_x2apic() but your Atom is probably not
x2apic. Non-x2apic system do not get save_ioapic_entries() called, so there's
nothing to restore at resume time AFAICS ... Suresh?



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