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SubjectRe: [git pull] ARM Device tree support
On Mon, 23 May 2011, Grant Likely wrote:

> Hi Russell,
> How do you want to handle merging the ARM DT support? Do you want to
> pull it into your tree, or would you like me to ask Linus to pull
> directly? As you can see, It does include a couple of pre-requisite
> cross-arch cleanups that I normally push to Linus directly.

I don't think that Linus would object to you pushing that to him
directly, given that Russell has already agreed to those patches going
in this cycle.

Whatever the path, it is however important that they do get in _this_
cycle. Most people are just too nervous committing themselves to DT if
the basic stuff doesn't hit mainline. And if we are serious about
_trying_ to change the state of things in ARM land by going the DT route
then we must have this in mainline as soon as possible.


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