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Subjectcompat-wireless 2.6.39 final release
Before the world ended Linus decided to release v2.6.39 and now that
the show is not over we get to enjoy it. So we get the respective
backport of the 802.11 / BT / Ethernet drivers and subsystems
available to users on older kernels. The short and sweet details:

Vanilla release:

The "-sn" release (pending-stable and linux-next-cherry-picks patches applied):

The all the details:

Below just the compat.git and compat-wireless.git updates, to see the
respective kernel updates check the ChangeLog above. I've tested this
release with iwlagn on 2.6.38. Please report any issues.

ChangeLog for compat-wireless for linux-2.6.39

This is the ChangeLog for the Linux kernel project compat-wireless.
It provides a backport of a few Linux kernel subsystems down to
older kernels:

* 802.11
* Bluetooth
* Ethernet

For more details refer to the home page:

The compat-wireless project consists of code from three projects:

* The Linux kernel: linux-2.6-allstable.git
* Compat-wirelesS: compat-wireless.git
* Compat: compat.git

The compat-wireless stable releases incorporates code from from
each of these git trees for the respective upstream Linux kernel
stable release. A branch called linux-2.6.3x.y exists for each
stable release. Below we provide the ChangeLog of changes from
the previous branched release to the new branched release.

Release: linux-2.6.39

Updates from the compat.git project:

git shortlog linux-2.6.38.y..linux-2.6.39.y

Hauke Mehrtens (10):
compat: backport alloc_ordered_workqueue
compat: add support for kernel 2.6.38
compat: backport usb_pipe_endpoint()
compat: backport tty_{lock,unlock,locked}
compat: backport tty_set_termios
compat: add tty_set_termios only for kernel >= 2.6.27
compat: backport netdev_refcnt_read.
compat: add support for kernel 2.6.39
compat: fix build for kernel < 2.6.29
compat: semaphore.h mpoved from asm/ to linux/

Luis R. Rodriguez (1):
compat: backport IRQ namespace cleanup

Vasanthakumar Thiagarajan (1):
compat: Define usleep_range(min, max) as msleep(max/1000) for <2.6.36

Updates from the compat-wireless.git project:

git shortlog linux-2.6.38.y..linux-2.6.39.y

David Ward (1):
compat-wireless: fix driver-select for iwl3945/iwlagn

Greg Whiteley (1):
compat-wireless: rt2800pci (and rt2x00pci) don't unload on 'make unload'

Hauke Mehrtens (22):
compat-wireless: adapt chamhes in brcm80211
compat-wireless: remove max_brightness
compat-wireless: remove compat for threaded_irq in rt2x00
compat-wireless: backport of alloc_ordered_workqueue into compat.git
compat-wireless: make patches apply again
compat-wireless: brcm80211 adapt changes in mac80211
compat-wireless: build zd1211rw only for kernel >= 2.6.29
compat-wireless: activate BRCMFMAC
compat-wireless: rename some config options
compat-wireless: backport pm ops for atlx
compat-wireless: some updates to bluetooth patch
compat-wireless: brcm80211 fix is in upstream now
compat-wireless: Add drivers/net/wireless/rtlwifi/rtl8192c
compat-wireless: generate CONFIG_COMPAT_KERNEL_39
compat-wireless: build ath9k common when no pci is available
compat-wireless: updates needed for iwlwifi split
compat-wireless: add rtl8192cu
compat-wireless: some minor updates for
compat-wireless: change number of patch:
compat-wireless: do not set blink_set for kernel <= 2.6.24
compat-wireless: backport threaded irq for wl12xx_spi
compat-wireless: fix compile warning for wl12xx

Johannes Berg (1):
fix Intel driver-select, make it iwlagn only for now

Luis R. Rodriguez (28):
compat-wireless: refresh patches
compat-wireless: fix stable pending tag mismatch output
compat-wireless: skip directory if patches directory is empty
compat-wireless: fix disable_bt
compat-wireless: fix intel drivers on driver-select
compat-wireless: fix for git tree updates
compat-wireless: refresh patches
compat-wireless: remove
compat-wireless: fix packet log patch to apply
compat-wireless: refresh crap patches
compat-wireless: remove ath3k bt workaround
compat-wireless: refresh patches for 2.6.39-rc1
compat-wireless: refresh patches for v2.6.39-rc1
compat-wireless: suck out pending-stable patches from linux-next
compat-wireless: fix compilation warning for wl12xx
compat-wireless: fix usb makefile
compat-wireless: refresh patches for 2.6.39-rc6
compat-wireless: remove some already applied pending-stable patches
compat-wireless: update pending stable fixes
compat-wireless: add long range pending fix when using RTS / CTS
with ath9k
compat-wireless: refresh patches for 2.6.39 final
compat-wireless: backport pending-stable
compat-wireless: backport
compat-wireless: backport
compat-wireless: remove a linux-next-pending ath9k patc
compat-wireless: add cherry picked:
compat-wireless: clarify reason for cherry picked file
compat-wireless: fix the cherry pick from applying

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