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SubjectRe: [PATCH v12 7/8] usb: Adding SuperSpeed support to dummy_hcd

(replying from another PC, not sure if formatting
will be broken, hopefully not)

On May 23, 2011, at 7:28 PM, Alan Stern wrote:
>>> Since in dummy_hcd all of this is much simpler I think that the device speed
>>> should be determined by driver->speed and "which type of cable the
>>> connection was made over - SS or HS". The "cable type" is exactly what the
>>> module parameter is.
>> I really don't understand this. You're going to have a module parameter
>> for what type of cable is plugged in?
> It would be more accurate to say the module parameter will be used to
> force the connection to run at a lower speed than the maximum possible.
> This is kind of like what happens when you plug in a SuperSpeed device
> using a USB-2 cable -- the connection runs at a lower speed than it
> could have.

if it's something like that, for sure we can have the module parameter. But
plugging a USB2 gadget/function to a USB3-capable UDC/HCD should
work fine.

With Tatyana's patches, if we load a USB2 g_zero to dummy_hcd, enumeration
will fail where it shouldn't. This has been my whole point ;-) Maybe I wasn't
clear enough.

>> What about the case where SuperSpeed enumeration
>> fails and you have to fall back to high speed?
> If SuperSpeed enumeration fails, say because the device doesn't have
> any SuperSpeed descriptors, xhci-hcd doesn't fall back to high speed,
> does it? dummy-hcd should behave the same way.

it should at least. Isn't that what happens between EHCI/OHCI ? HS Chirp
sequencing fails, then we fall back to FullSpeed.

>> It seems like you really
>> need to handle both speeds and the speed fall back parameter in the same
>> driver. Isn't there some other gadget driver that has a fall back to
>> full or low speed when high speed enumeration fails?
> That's a property of the gadget driver, not the UDC driver. dummy-hcd
> is a UDC driver (and an HCD too).

USB3.0 dummy_hcd should still enumerate USB2.0 gadget drivers.


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