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SubjectRE: [ v4] powerpc: Force page alignment for initrd reserved memory

On Mon, 23 May 2011 about 10:50:07 -0600, Dave Carroll wrote:
> I'm withdrawing this patch for the moment, due to two areas that need
> further research;
> 1) An adjacent FDT blob, as mentioned by Milton Miller, and

Ok ... by the way, see move_device_tree() in arch/powerpc/kernel/prom.c

> 2) Potential interaction with the crash kernel, as used in
> init/initramfs.c

which already goes around the start and end of crashk_res, which
is adjusted to PAGE_ALIGN in reserve_crashkernel() in machine_kexec.c

> If anyone sees other interactions, please feel free to let me know ...
> Thanks,
> -Dave Carroll

One interaction that I have ignored is preserve_initrd overlapping
crash kernel. Loading the crash kernel destroys the preserved initrd.
But that is beyond the scope of your current patch (and probably a
seperate patch, with cross-architecture scope).


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