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SubjectRe: [v3 00/39] faster tree-based sysctl implementation
On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Eric W. Biederman
<> wrote:
> Mostly it is simplicity.  There is also the fact that the spin lock is
> used in the implementation of something that is essentially a
> reader/writer lock already.

The amount of time in which the spin lock is held in the current
implementation can be quite large: in __register_sysctl_paths:

for (set = header->set; set; set = set->parent)
list_for_each_entry(p, &set->list, ctl_entry)
try_attach(p, header);

For N=10^5 headers and try_attach=O(N) it's not a very good locking mechanism.

That's why I opted for a rwlock for each dir's subdirs/tables.

> In that context I'm not certain I am comfortable with separating proc
> inode usage from other proc usage. But I haven't read through that
> section of your code well enough yet to tell if you are making sense.

Proc inode usage (->count) was already separate from other proc usage (->use).
It was not separate from other header references (shared in ->count).

I separated the two because when I call unregister on a header I need
to decide whether to really unregister it (->unregistering=true and no
one can see this header and anything under it any more) or just
decrement a reference.

In the current implementation a header is only created by a
__register_sysctl_paths call and it's clear that at unregister we have
to set ->unregistering.
In my implementation headers are created dynamically to create new
directory elements. I need to know when to unregister such a header
regardless of any possible procfs inode references.

I pushed a new version:
git:// v4-new-sysctl-alg

I undid int->u8 for ctl_procfs_refs.

I left the ->permissions hook get it's namespace form current->
because rewriting history for that change trips on too many patches
and a new parameter can be very easily added later when needed. Hope
this is ok with you.

I'd like to send patches for review to archs/drivers/etc. that
register only tables of files, not whole sysctl trees.
The patches don't depend on anything from this series.


I'd like an OK-GO from you.

..: Lucian
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