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SubjectRe: PATCH] patch to generate warning when signed-of line in patch in not proper
On Sun, 2011-05-22 at 01:08 +0530, anish wrote:
> On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 9:33 PM, Joe Perches <> wrote:
> >>If you do this, why not do it for all signature types?
> >>our $Valid_Signatures "(?:Signed-off-by:|Reviewed-by:|Acked-by:)"
> Definitely.Please check below modified patch.
> This patch generates warning when there is no space betweenthe patch
> submitter name and successive mail-id.As suggested by
> Joe Perches( that we can do this for
> all signature types.

Typos and spacing issues in commit message.

> Signed-off-by: anish kumar <>
> diff --git a/scripts/ b/scripts/
> +my $sign;
> +my @signs = ("Reviewed-by:","Acked-by:","Signed-off-by:","Tested-by:");
> +#check the patch for a signoff/Reviewed/Acked/Tested:
> + foreach $sign (@signs) {

It's inefficient to loop for this.
I think what I suggested is neater,
but what you're doing is OK.

Your email subject line should be more like:

[PATCH] checkpatch: More signature format verification

And when you revise patches, use some version number
in the [PATCH] block like:

[PATCH v2] checkpatch: etc...

cheers, Joe

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