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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL tip:x86/mm] Unify 32 and 64bit NUMA init paths

* Tejun Heo <> wrote:

> Hello, Ingo.
> Please pull from the following branch to receive unification of 32 and
> 64bit NUMA init paths.
> git:// x86-mm
> ssh:// x86-mm
> Other than addition of two patches from Yinghai and rebasing on top of
> x86/urgent, nothing has changed from the initial posting[1].
> Please note that the tree is on top of
> x86/mm c7a7b814c9dca9ee01b38e63b4a46de87156d3b6
> + x86/numa 993ba1585cbb03fab012e41d1a5d24330a283b31
> + x86/urgent 2be19102b71c1a45d37fec50303791daa1a06869
> x86/urgent was needed for the following two NUMA fix commits.
> 2be19102b7 "x86, NUMA: Fix empty memblk detection in numa_cleanup_meminfo()"
> 765af22da8 "x86-32, NUMA: Fix ACPI NUMA init broken by recent x86-64 change"
> I can regenerate tree such that it's x86/mm + x86/numa + cherry pick
> of the above two patches. If that's preferred, please let me know.

Yeah, it's fine to me if you do merges, but could you please do a x86/mm tree
where all your merge commit messages are amended with a 'Merge reason'

See commit a4c98f8bbeafee12c979c90743f6fda94f7515c7 for an example of how Merge
reason lines look like.

This is what we do for all merge commits in the -tip tree - that way it's clear
in retrospect why a particular merge was done.



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