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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ipheth.c: Enable IP header alignment
    From: L. Alberto Giménez <>
    Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 21:35:12 +0200

    > Since commit ea812ca1b06113597adcd8e70c0f84a413d97544 (x86: Align skb w/ start
    > of cacheline on newer core 2/Xeon Arch), NET_IP_ALIGN changed from 2 to 0, and
    > the constant is used to reserve more room for the socket buffer.
    > Some people have reported that tethering stopped working and David Hill
    > submited a patch that redefined NET_IP_ALIGN. Pointed by Ben Hutchings, the
    > patch has been reworked to use a private constant.
    > I have no more an iPhone device to test it, so it is only compile-tested.
    > Signed-off-by: L. Alberto Giménez <>

    Why did this break things?

    I'm not applying a fix when nobody can explain the reason why:

    1) Things broke in the first place
    2) Forcing reservation of 2 bytes fixes things

    Where is the built in assumption about "2" and why does it exist? Why
    can't we fix this code not to have such assumptions in the first
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