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    Subject[PATCH 0/6] Support for multiple devices
    Hi Guys,

    here is a bunch of new devices for 2.6.40.

    I am still getting some reports for new multitouch devices.
    Usually, I ask people to send the logs of the device to be able
    to finely tune the kernel processing of the events.
    As of today, I've got 5 devices that needs to be tested with
    the fine tuning or that I missed the logs (ActionStar, CVTouch,
    GoodTouch, Touch International and Unitec panels).
    Instead of waiting eternally for the feedback, I thought I
    should send them for inclusion now, and we will eventually
    reduce the kernel processing for those devices later.
    All these devices show that they are Win7 compliant from
    their report descriptors (and logs for some of them), so it
    should be safe.

    Finally, I saw that the class for Stantum devices was redundant
    with the one included by Ilitek, so I moved Stantum
    devices to the generic one.


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