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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 08/11] tty: add pruss SUART driver
Hi Sekhar,

>>> Say, if the driver is loaded as a module.
>>> If I allocate the sram in the platform code, how to I
>>> free it when the driver is unloaded.
>> This is what I said in my last e-mail. What is
>> the issue you see with this approach?
>> | Thanks for the clarification. In this case, the driver
>> | should use platform callbacks to get/put fast fifo
>> | space. In case this callback is not populated by the
>> | platform or returns an error, the driver should fall
>> | back to allocating from DDR.
> ok, so what you are suggesting is that I implement some
> callbacks (like .fifo_alloc, .fifo_dealloc) which can allocate
> memory using sram_alloc.
> My doubt is, if already such API's are there (by Russel) or you
> are suggesting to implement them.

I can add the fifo_alloc/dealloc as part of the suart platform_data,
Is that's what you are suggesting. If you may please point me out
to any example. I am just not clear with this.

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