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SubjectRe: Perfromance drop on SCSI hard disk

> > what I mean is current sdev (other devices too) can still be added into
> > starved list, so only does async execute for current q isn't enough,
> > we'd better put whole __scsi_run_queue into workqueue. something like
> > below on top of yours, untested. Not sure if there are other recursive
> > cases.
> verified the regression can be fully fixed by your patch (with my
> suggested fix to avoid race). Can we put a formal patch upstream?

Yes, we tested Jens patch alone and plus Shaohua's patch too. Both of
them recovered SAS disk performance too. Now I am testing them on SSD
disk with kbuild and fio cases, In theory, they will both work.

> Thanks,
> Shaohua

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