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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] input: Add support for Kionix KXTJ9 accelerometer
I'll leave taking a proper look until you have cleared up the issues Alan pointed out.
But as I was taking a quick look...

Firstly I concur entirely with Alan in that most of the sysfs stuff should be
platform data for an input driver.
>> + memcpy(tj9->pdata, client->dev.platform_data, sizeof(*tj9->pdata));
>> + if (tj9->pdata->init) {
>> + err = tj9->pdata->init();
>> + if (err < 0)
>> + goto err2;
>> + }
>> +
>> + tj9->irq = gpio_to_irq(tj9->pdata->gpio);
> What if it's not on a gpio. Probably better any gpio and irq conversion is
> done by the platform callback/init code
Perfectly good irq element in i2c_board_info structure. This is exactly what
it is normally used for.
> And the sysfs nodes need documentation.
Would be nice to have some docs on that platform data struct as well.
Most of it is fairly obvious, but data_odr_init etc aren't!
> Overall it looks like a lot of input drivers that get posted here
> - Nobody has considered locking between actions and sysfs (or multiple
> sysfs actions in parallel)
> - Enable/disable is implemented in blissful ignorance of what happens if
> a disable occurs during a sysfs or other action
> Most of the rest looks like it just needs a good polish.
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