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    SubjectRe: Fedora 14 not always going to run-level 3?
    On 05/10/2011 02:31 PM, Ben Greear wrote:
    > Has anyone else noticed problems with 39-rc1+ sometimes not booting
    > into run-level 3? It seems to just go directly to root console prompt
    > sometimes. Seems it was easier to reproduce on -rc1 and early more
    > buggy kernels, for what that's worth..

    I don't know exactly which version it was, but when I was bisecting some
    unrelated breakage in 2.6.39-rc7, some of the test kernels got stuck in
    some early systemd stage (F15 beta) and failed to make progress. But
    I've never seen this on new kernels or on 2.6.38.y.


    > Ben

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