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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documentation: Update augmented rbtree documentation

* Sasha Levin <> wrote:

> Current documentation referred to the old method
> of handling augmented trees. Update documentation
> to correspond with the changes done in commit
> b945d6b2554d550fe95caadc61e521c0ad71fb9c.

> Augmented rbtree is an rbtree with "some" additional data stored in each node.
> This data can be used to augment some new functionality to rbtree.
> Augmented rbtree is an optional feature built on top of basic rbtree
> +infrastructure. rbtree user who wants this feature will have to call the

s/rbtree user/An rbtree user

> +augmentation functions with the user provided augmentation callback
> +when inserting and erasing nodes.
> +
> +On insertion, The user must call rb_augment_insert() once the new node is in
> +place. This will cause the augmentation function callback to be called for
> +each node between the new node and the root which have been affected by the
> +insertion.
> +
> +When erasing a node, The user must call rb_augment_erase_begin() first to
> +retrieve the deepest node on the rebalance path. Then, After erasing the
> +original node, the user must call rb_augment_erase_end() with the deepest
> +node found earlier. This will cause the augmentation function to be called
> +for each affected node between the deepest node and the root.

Acked-by: Ingo Molnar <>



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