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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arch/c6x: new architecture port for linux

On Wed, 11 May 2011 around 17:11:19 EST, Mark Salter wrote:
> This patch series adds support for a new architecture (arch/c6x) to
> Linux. This architecture supports members of the Texas Instruments
> family of C64x single and multicore DSPs. The multicore DSPs do not
> support cache coherancy, so are not suitable for SMP. Also, these are
> no-mmu processors. This core architecture is VLIW with an instruction
> set optimized for DSP applications. For details on the processors:

So all the changelogs talk about C64x but the arch and all the configs
are called c6x? Is it that hard to type 2 digits? Or do you expect
an additional chip that breaks the C64 but would fit the C6x name?

Also, a couple of one liners while preparing my comments on hvc_c6x:

[09/16] C6X: add kernel files

in kernel/setup.c you include linux/delay.h multiple times

[11/16] C6X: add lib files


(1) file header says linux/arch/c6x/lib/memcmp.c
(you should probably just delete such headers, they are just maintence errors)

(2) it appears to mach lib/string.c implementation except (1) register (2)
uses post-increment instead of pre-increment. Does it matter with gcc?

your version returns -1 or 1 while string.c returns the difference
after promotion to int. man page for userspace says just integer less
than or greater, so I guess this is ok. But is this more efficient,
or could you use the generic version?


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