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    SubjectRe: [ibm-acpi-devel] [RFC] Controlling the ThinkPad battery charger
    On Tue, 10 May 2011, Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hmm, I jave a battery pack with reasonably good cells, but firmware killed
    > it. IOW available for testing.

    That is likely a problem with the battery pack uC, we cannot override that
    using any know firmware path in the ThinkPad.

    Does the thinkpad recognizes the presence of the battery pack? If it
    doesn't, the pack uC is probably dead or in safe mode, and you'd need to
    hardware-hack it.

    > (And who know, perhaps recalibrate command would bring it back to life?)

    AFAIK, the recalibrate command really just does this:

    1. sets 'force discharge' flag on EC so that it starts discharging the
    battery pack. Discharging stops when cell voltage drops close to the
    minimum safety level.

    2. sets stop threshold to 0 (100%) for that battery pack.

    That way, the box will fully-drain the pack, and then charge it to full. At
    that point, the recalibration is complete (the battery pack uC will
    auto-calibrate itself when it notices it has hit the fully-drained and
    fully-charged points).

    You can monitor per-cell-group voltages through tp_smapi on a original IBM
    battery pack, that functionality should still be around on the Lenovos.
    Since this is not standard SBS functionality, it might not work on
    non-original battery packs.

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    Henrique Holschuh

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