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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: BUG() dies silently
    Hi Simon, Stephen,

    On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 2:15 AM, Stephen Boyd <> wrote:
    > (Please stop top posting)
    > On 4/1/2011 3:29 PM, Simon Glass wrote:
    >> Hi Stephen,
    >> Sorry for the confusion, but in fact I was talking about the patch to
    >> make ARM use the generic bug handling via an undef instruction instead
    >> of calling ______bug() or writing to memory address 0. Please see
    >> here:
    > Yes I've seen your patch (and even posted comments on it which have not
    > been responded to).
    > Correct me if I'm wrong, but that patch with CONFIG_BUG=n would lead to
    > the same error that Omar is seeing because the code only modifies the
    > bug infrastructure when CONFIG_BUG=y.

    I am using CONFIG_BUG=y, however I don't have CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE
    and hence I fall into the part which doesn't print the file and the
    line where the BUG was found.

    With Simon's patch if my .config had:

    CONFIG_GENERIC_BUG is not set

    I would fall into the same BUG definition that is causing issues:

    #define BUG() do { *(int *)0 = 0; } while (1)

    OTOH, is not like "Use generic BUG() handler" gives the choice of
    removing GENERIC_BUG given that it is not prompted in menuconfig and
    auto selected, if this is the intention is there any reason to keep
    the #else part of /* not CONFIG_GENERIC_BUG */? there is no way we can
    use it with this patch, right?



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