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SubjectRe: [media] dib0700: get rid of on-stack dma buffers
On Mon, 4 Apr 2011 09:42:04 +0200 (CEST)
Patrick Boettcher <> wrote:

> Hi Florian,

> For this one we implemented an alternative. See here:
> which I pushed, but obviously forgot to send the pull-request.

OK, I just looked over it. What about dib0700_rc_query_old_firmware,
that would also need to be fixed.

I don't have an overview over the media framework, so I wonder what
arbitrates concurrent access to the buffer? Functions which are only
called from the initialization and probe routines are probably properly
arbitrated by the driver core. But I would expect (perhaps
that is me being naive) stuff like dib0700_change_protocol to need some
sort of mutex ?

It seems to be called from some /sys/class/*/ file while for example
legacy_dvb_usb_read_remote_control, which calls dib0700_rc_query_old_firmware, is
described as being a polling function, i.e. periodically executed...
or the streaming_ctrl function, that looks like it is executed at


can you add yourself to the
MAINTAINERS file please?

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