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SubjectRe: [Regression?] Removed regulator support in ehci-omap
On 12:07 Sun 24 Apr     , Keshava Munegowda wrote:
> I have posted the patches on April 22, 2011.
> If possible I request you to test this.

Hi, Keshava!

Sorry for delay - it took some time to find _where_ exactly you have posted
the patch (thanks to Alan for giving the link). Anyway, it[1] seems to work
as advertised (I also applied GPIO polarity fix [2] and board file patch[3],
all on top of 2.6.39-rc4) - at least stuff in /sys/class/regulator looks right,
and USB devices are detected. There's probably something still missing in the
board file, as USB detection starts to work only if I booted TI's kernel
(that came with board) before trying patched 2.6.39-rc4, but I hope that
this isn't connected to this regulators issue.


Best regards,
Dmitry "MAD" Artamonow

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