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Subject[PATCH 0/3] do_sigtimedwait() needs retarget_shared_pending()
On 04/18, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> In that case, this series looks fairly ok to me. I'm still unsure
> whether it's _required_,

Indeed! It is a bit annoying, I am not sure too. This "problem" is
very, very, old. And nobody complained so far. Except, this _might_
explain the hang reported by Nikita.

OTOH. Probably set_current_blocked() makes sense anyway, it would be
nice to require that nobody can play with ->blocked directly. We can
reconsider retarget_shared_pendind() or simply kill it if it adds the
noticeable overhead in practice.

So, I'll assume we need this changes. Correctness is always good. All
further changes should be simple and straightforward, I am going to
trim CC. Except sys_rt_sigtimedwait() is nasty, we need another helper
for simplicity.

If nobody objects, I'll send at lot of other "needs set_current_blocked"
simple patches to Andrew.


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