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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] Documentation/ add script to help keeping the index up-to-date
Randy Dunlap <> (23/04/2011):
> but what am I doing wrong?
> cd Documentation
> sh ./
> The "undocumented" list looks correct (well, it could omit .orig files),
> but the "Documented but missing" list contains words, e.g.:

Looks like sed's not filtering out lines before '00-INDEX'; my reading
of POSIX sed specification[1] would seem to confirm the filtering
should work, see:
Delete the pattern space and start the next cycle.


Maybe some regex fun then; what if you remove the anchors (^ and $)?

And anyway, using sed --posix to disable all GNU extensions gives the
expected output here (with GNU sed version 4.2.1).

What's your sed/system, so that I can check what's going on there, and
how to deal with it?

Using 'grep -A $ABIGNUMBER' could be a workaround I guess, but a ugly

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