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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] export kernel call get_task_comm().
    On Fri, 22 Apr 2011, J Freyensee wrote:

    > I'll do whatever is best and easiest for you and will bring a close to
    > my submission attempts. I can also just go into the Kconfig where the
    > pti driver is configured and just make the selection bool, yes or no,
    > and not make it an option to compile this modularly. Then I'll drop
    > this patch all together. This is the whole reason why I'm making this
    > change. I don't have to have the pti driver as a module, just more
    > convenient. And within the fs/exec.c it states reads to 'current->comm'
    > without a lock is safe.

    It's safe to read current->comm without holding task_lock(current), but it
    may be corrupted by a concurrent write via /proc/pid-of-current/comm,
    which could result in garbage where you'd expect the name of the thread.
    That doesn't sound very clean to me and adds more incentive to implement
    some finer-grained protection like a seqlock specifically for tsk->comm.

    If /proc/pid/comm is really that important and we can't get away with the
    long-standing prctl(PR_SET_NAME), then you need to protect the string
    somehow and I'm quite surprised this wasn't required before writing other
    threads' comm was allowed.

    If you can get away with task_lock(current) in your driver, then great,
    export the symbol and use it, but we have hundreds of racy reads to a
    thread's comm all over the kernel.

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