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Subject[PATCH 0/6] writeback: moving expire targets for background/kupdate works v2

This aims to reduce possible pageout() calls by making the flusher
concentrate a bit more on old/expired dirty inodes.

Rationals and benchmark numbers are added in patches 05, 06.

It runs fine on simple workloads over ext3/4, xfs, btrfs and NFS.

code refactor
[PATCH 1/6] writeback: pass writeback_control down to move_expired_inodes()

loop condition fixes
[PATCH 2/6] writeback: introduce writeback_control.inodes_cleaned
[PATCH 3/6] writeback: try more writeback as long as something was written

make dirty expire time a moving target
[PATCH 4/6] writeback: the kupdate expire timestamp should be a moving target
[PATCH 5/6] writeback: sync expired inodes first in background writeback

consistent requeue policy
it's not an integral part of this patchset, however do depends on patch 03
[PATCH 6/6] writeback: refill b_io iff empty


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