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    Subject[RFC PATCH V3 0/4] cpuidle: global registration of idle states with per-cpu statistics
    The core change in this series is to split the cpuidle_device structure 
    into parts that can be global and parts that has to remain per-cpu.
    The per-cpu pieces are mostly generic statistics that can be independent
    of current running driver. As a result of these changes, there is single
    copy of cpuidle_states structure and single registration done by one
    cpu. The low level driver is free to set per-cpu driver data on
    each cpu if needed using the cpuidle_set_statedata() as the case
    today. Only in very rare cases asymmetric C-states exist which can be
    handled within the cpuidle driver. Most architectures do not have
    asymmetric C-states.

    This patch series along with Len Brown's pm_idle() cleanup
    (ref: will simplify the cpuidle framework
    and make it easy to port to other architectures like POWER.


    First two patches in the series facilitate splitting of cpuidle_states
    and cpuidle_device structure and next two patches do the actual split,
    change the API's and make existing code follow the changed API.

    [1/4] - Move the idle residency accounting part from cpuidle.c to
    the respective low level drivers, so that the accounting can
    be accurately maintained if the driver decides to demote the
    chosen (suggested) by the governor.

    [2/4] - removes the cpuidle_device()->prepare API since is is not
    widely used and the only use case was to allow software
    demotion using CPUIDLE_FLAG_IGNORE flag. Both these
    functions can be absorbed within the cpuidle back-end
    driver ad hence deprecating the prepare routine and the

    - Ref:

    [3/4] - Splits the usage statistics (read/write) part out of
    cpuidle_state structure, so that the states can become read
    only and hence made global.

    [4/4] - most APIs will now need to pass pointer to both global
    cpuidle_driver and per-cpu cpuidle_device structure.

    Version 1 is at
    Version 2 is at

    Changes from V2:

    1. Enabled global registration for arm at91_idle_driver,
    davinci_idle_driver, kirkwood_idle_driver, omap3_idle_driver cpuidle
    drivers. Enabled global registration for x86 intel_idle_driver also.

    2. Made ladder governor follow new changed API. Thus both menu and ladder
    governors work with these changes.

    This patch series applies on top of 2.6.39-rc2 and is tested on x86 Nehalem
    system with multiple ACPI C-States with both acpi_idle and intel_idle
    cpuidle drivers. Note that this code is not tested for arm yet.


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