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SubjectRe: [RFT] Please test rdtsc on various x86-64 hardware (app included)
On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Andrew Lutomirski <> wrote:

> Well, crap.  Can you run:
>  dmesg | grep -i tsc

# dmesg|grep -i tsc
[ 0.000000] Fast TSC calibration using PIT
[ 0.098999] TSC synchronization [CPU#0 -> CPU#1]:
[ 0.098999] Measured 2399269672 cycles TSC warp between CPUs,
turning off TSC clock.
[ 0.098999] Marking TSC unstable due to check_tsc_sync_source failed

> There are two possible explanations:
> 1. Your tscs are out of sync, and whether the test notices or not
> depends on which cpus the scheduler sticks the threads on.

Looks like that's the case? But for what you want to do in kernel,
the kernel already did this test and so would know to not use the TSC
for vgettimeofday(), right? (I only sort of followed the clock
discussion earlier but I found it quite interesting, so decided to run
the test).
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