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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 6/6] da8xx: enable the use of the ICPFUNC in i2c-davinci
    Hi Mike,

    On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 04:34:34, Mike Williamson wrote:

    > > The I2C driver implements a default platform data
    > > so it should actually be legal for a DA8x board to
    > > pass NULL platform data. In that case this line
    > > will crash. You should either check for pdata to
    > > be NULL or just let each board choose whether it
    > > needs recovery (I think the better option).
    > >
    > I actually had a problem with using NULL for pdata with davinci I2C
    > and had submitted a patch here that sort of fell on the floor. The
    > problem was that the i2c_davinci_calc_clk_dividers is using
    > platform_data without a check as described above. So at the moment
    > using NULL doesn't really work, best as I can tell...

    Looking at this mail chain, it looks like Ben was actually OK
    with your first submission and just wanted you to update the
    patch description saying that dev->platform_data is accessed
    later in the code and that is why it needs to be updated.

    I liked your first attempt better and may be you should
    try another submission with the patch description updated.


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