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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] x86 idle cruft removal - v2
Thanks for the review feedback that this change is too sudden.
How about this plan with a 4-month delay?

-Len Brown, Intel Open Source Technology Center


x86 idle: deprecate floppy disable_hlt
feature-removal.txt for 2.6.40 (4 months)
WARN_ONCE on use

x86 idle APM: deprecate apm_cpu_idle
feature-removal.txt for 2.6.40 (4 months)
#warning on CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE remove in 2.6.40
WARN_ONCE in apm_cpu_idle()

x86 idle: export pm_idle only for CONFIG_APM_MODULE
like we do for default_idle(),

x86 idle: deprecate "no-hlt" cmdline param
feature-removal.txt for 2.6.40 (4 months)
WARN_ONCE if used, ask if idle=poll is sufficient
same as idle=poll, except no-hlt also disables
HLT in machine_halt().

x86 idle: deprecate "idle=mwait"
feature-removal.txt for 2.6.40 (4 months)
WARN_ONCE on invocation

x86 idle: re-name ce1_idle
rename for clarity, no functional change

x86 idle: move mwait_idle_with_hints()
out of process.c to cstate.c, make static

x86 idle floppy: remove deprecated disable_hlt/enable_hlt

x86 idle: delete deprecated idle=mwait
default_idle() can use HLT

cpuidle: add cmdline "cpuidle=off"
allow falling back to native default_idle

x86 idle xen: stop touching pm_idle and default_idle
Xen Dom0 kernel only needs HLT, but include
CPU_IDLE, ACPI etc for running on bare hardware.
So when running in Xen Dom0 mode, disable cpuidle
to fall back to default_idle.

x86 idle APM: remove deprecated apm_cpu_idle()
and its use of pm_idle

x86 idle cpuidle: delete public use of pm_idle
make pm_idle and default_idle static to process.c
add return value from cpu_idle_call()
invoke cpu_idle_call from cpu_idle() rather than via pm_idle

cpu_idle() {
if (cpu_idle_call())
pm_idle(); /* non cpuidle default */

x86 idle: remove "no-hlt" cmdline param
remove deprecated "no-hlt"
use idle=poll instead

x86 idle: remove cpuinfo_x86.hlt_works_ok flag
it became a NOP when "no-hlt" was removed

x86 idle: remove hlt_works()
it became a NOP when cpuinfo_x86.hlt_works_ok was removed

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