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Subjecthurd 0.401 is released!

There are rumors that Duke Nukem Forever will actually be released in
Apr^WMa^WJune 2011, so there's no escape for the Hurd any more, we had
to finish and release. There has been considerable progress lately,
so it is with great pleasure that the Hurd maintainers team decided
to release version 0.401 of the GNU/Hurd Operating System. As the
version number and image size suggest, this is only a small preview
of course, but we expect GNU/Hurd to be of production-quality within
the third millenium, to be sure.

A LiveCD demo is available on
and can be trivially tried using
qemu -cdrom hurd-0.401.iso

We hope that you will appreciate its features and speed.

Are you interested in contributing to the GNU Hurd project? Just
request an shell account on one of our servers and get started.

It is also worth noting that like in previous years, GNU/Hurd runs
for the GSoC program, details can be found on

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