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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 07/19] timberdale: mfd_cell is now implicitly available to drivers
    On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Grant Likely <> wrote:
    > On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 11:47 AM, Andres Salomon <> wrote:
    >> On Fri, 1 Apr 2011 13:20:31 +0200
    >> Samuel Ortiz <> wrote:
    >>> Hi Grant,
    >>> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 05:05:22PM -0600, Grant Likely wrote:
    >> [...]
    >>> > Gah.  Not all devices instantiated via mfd will be an mfd device,
    >>> > which means that the driver may very well expect an *entirely
    >>> > different* platform_device pointer; which further means a very high
    >>> > potential of incorrectly dereferenced structures (as evidenced by a
    >>> > patch series that is not bisectable).  For instance, the xilinx ip
    >>> > cores are used by more than just mfd.
    >>> I agree. Since the vast majority of the MFD subdevices are MFD
    >>> specific IPs, I overlooked that part. The impacted drivers are the
    >>> timberdale and the DaVinci voice codec ones.
    > Another option is you could do this for MFD devices:
    > struct mfd_device {
    >        struct platform_devce pdev;
    >        struct mfd_cell *cell;
    > };
    > However, that requires that drivers using the mfd_cell will *never*
    > get instantiated outside of the mfd infrastructure, and there is no
    > way to protect against this so it is probably a bad idea.
    > Or, mfd_cell could be added to platform_device directly which would
    > *by far* be the safest option at the cost of every platform_device
    > having a mostly unused mfd_cell pointer.  Not a significant cost in my
    > opinion.
    > One last option is I'm prototyping a way to add type-safe structure
    > pointers to a device, but that requires nasty CPP tricks and it's not
    > complete yet.  The cure might be worse than the disease here.

    And yet another option is to create a mfd_bus_type, but that probably
    isn't helpful since the one of the purposes of MFDs is that it is a
    collection of non-detectable memory mapped devices that
    platform_bus_type is intended to handle.

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