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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCHSET] ptrace,signal: Fix notifications to the real parent while ptraced
On 03/08, Tejun Heo wrote:
> This patchset implements "P2. Fix notifications to the real parent" of
> the ptrace job control improvements proposal[1].

And at first glance this does what we discussed before. I mean, even if
(perhaps) this series has some problems/bugs it looks right "in general"
to me.

> As the whole job control / ptrace logic is quite delicate, I tried to
> be very granual with changes and add plenty of explanations for
> subtleties.

Yeah... And right now I have some concerns about the details, but I am
not ready to share them. Will try tomorrow, it turns out I need to re-read
the previous series.

Say, even 1/8 doesn't look exactly right with the current ptrace code,
WARN_ON_ONCE() can be easily triggered afaics.


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