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Subject[RFC][PATCH 00/15] Unify TLB gather implementations -v2
This is a series that attempts to unify and fix the current tlb gather
implementations. Only s390 is left unconverted and most aren't event compiled
but other than that its mostly complete (ia64, arm, sh are compile tested).

This second installment doesn't try to change flush_tlb_range() for all
architectures but simply uses a fake vma and fills in VM_EXEC and VM_HUGETLB.

This series depends on the mmu_gather rework -v2 series send last week:

which is also available (including the anon_vma refcount simplification,
mm preemtibilidy and davem's sparc64 gup_fast implementation) as a git tree
based on next-20110307:
git:// mmu_gather

The whole series, including the depending patches is available through:
git:// mmu_unify

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