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SubjectRe: cgroup memory, blkio and the lovely swapping
On Fri, 4 Mar 2011 08:39:44 +0100
Daniel Poelzleithner <> wrote:

> Hi,
> currently when one process causes heavy swapping, the responsiveness of
> the hole system suffers greatly. With the small memleak [1] test tool I
> wrote, the effect can be experienced very easily, depending on the
> delay the lag can become quite large. If I ensure that 10% of the RAM
> stay free for free memory and cache, the system never swaps to death.
> That works very well, but if accesses to the swap are very heavy, the
> system still lags on all other processes, not only the swapping one.
> Putting the swapping process into a blkio cgroup with little weight does
> not affect the io or swap io from other processes with larger weight in
> their group.
> Maybe I'm mistaken, but wouldn't it be the easiest way to get fair
> swapping and control to let the pagein respect the blkio.weight value
> or even better add a second weight value for swapping io ?

Now, blkio cgroup does work only with synchronous I/O(direct I/O)
and never work with swap I/O. And I don't think swap-i/o limit
is a blkio matter.

Memory cgroup is now developping dirty_ratio for memory cgroup.
By that, you can control the number of pages in writeback, in memory cgroup.
I think it will work for you.


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