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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Update MSM maintainers

> > There's nothing really to figure out. I don't feel like you and David
> > can do the job alone. My intentions are just to make sure that you don't
> > mess with my targets, and that you do the right thing by the community.
> >
> > Daniel
> I'd like to address the points you mention. I disagree with your
> personal feelings about David's suitability for the task. David has
> been involved with Linux MSM development for it's entire history.

So he's great developer.

> responsibility. I agree that this is a somewhat new role for him, but
> maintainers have to start somewhere. From what I've seen so far, David
> is showing the proper maturity and judgement expected from a
> maintainer. As an example, I would point to David's handling of
> Arnd's

So you agree dwalker has more experience as maintainer, and cite an
example where dbrown handled things ok.

But you know this patch was great counterexample. Trying to remove
someone from mainainers without asking them first is very very
(cesky, pictures)

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