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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Syscalls: reboot: Add options to the reboot syscall to remount filesystems ro
On 11-03-03 09:55 PM, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Oddly enough I don't see any bugs filed by you about startup issues?
> Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Ubuntu is perfect here - but
> I'm not aware of any races that are Upstart's fault. If there are,
> please file bugs! How else am I to fix them if I don't know about
> them?

Oddly enough, I used to file bugs quite diligently against distros.
Not one of them was ever investigated or fixed.

Instead, I would get an automated email with each subsequent re-release
of the buggy software, inviting me to further waste my time by resubmitting
the bug report should it still be present.

So.. I simply don't bother now.

And upstart is used for shutdown of at least some services on Ubuntu.
I just wish they'd THINK about sequences.. like umounting NFS
before killing the network devices, or stopping mythbackend
before killing mysql etc..

If I could figure out how to fix their .conf files, I would.


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