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SubjectRe: Renicing for OpenGL smoothness.
> So I was thinking, maybe some of you could inform me, which processes  
> are involved in getting the graphics on-screen.
> I have already started making a renicing script.

Well, there's just two processes that I couldn't find information on
online though, kintegrityd and kworker. I set them to highpri for the
moment, in my script. However the script didn't seem to make much of a
difference, so the processes that run on Ubuntu Natty Narwhal seems to be
quite well behaved. It's just a principle though, that any background
processes shouldn't be able to request a lot of cpu, while I am running my
opengl app. I do see that the ubuntu folks have reniced some processes of
their own though.
[khelper] [kintegrityd] [kblockd] [kacpid] [kacpi_notify] [kacpi_hotplug]
[ata_sff] and more are all at -20. Seems to be quite the opposite of what
I am doing...

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