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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] uio/pdrv_genirq: Add OF support

    > Maybe I misunderstand you, in my view it is the responsibility of <vendor>
    > to create their DTS files to indicate they want <special-card1> to bind to
    > generic-uio.

    Device tree is a OS-neutral hardware description language. "generic-uio"
    is neither OS-neutral nor a hardware description. has
    more information about this.

    > Our use-case is pretty clear, in FPGA-based systems it is common to create
    > arbitrary devices that developers just want to control from userspace,
    > with simple IRQ and IO capabilities (DMA can come later :). �They don't
    > need to bind to other kernel APIs or subsystems, and don't want to invest
    > in one-off kernel drivers that simply will never go upstream.

    For that, the new_compatible-file would be suitable, I think.

    > UIO is perfect, and simply tagging the device as generic-uio in the DTS is
    > so simple, clean, and elegant.

    Simple, yes (I do understand I wrote the first approach ;)) . Elegant,
    not really, because it breaks core conventions of the device tree. For
    your case it is a very conveniant hack, but it is still a hack.



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