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    SubjectRe: [PWM v8 1/3] PWM: Implement a generic PWM framework
    Hi Bill,

    On Wed, Mar 30 2011, Bill Gatliff wrote:
    >> why not get an account on like everyone else and push your
    >> tree there ?
    > Tried that once, got no response.
    > I'm open to trying again if you can direct me to the right place.

    [cjb@hera ~]$ finger bgat
    Login: bgat Name: Bill Gatliff
    Directory: /home/bgat Shell: /bin/bash
    Never logged in.

    So, you have an account -- you probably missed the welcome e-mail with
    login instructions. You should just get in touch with the admins and
    ask for a resend of the welcome mail.

    - Chris.
    Chris Ball <> <>
    One Laptop Per Child

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