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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/4] sdhci: few patches for ENE 712 support
Hi Luis,

> I just tried this, it does not work, in fact my own my patches don't work too,
> only the original crap does though for some odd magical reason.
> Then again, what I tried was:
> insmod ./sdhci.ko debug_quirks=0x8028
> Was that what you wanted me to try?

Yes. I assume this would have helped also (assuming that the original
patchset was working), but looks like more investigation is needed.

> 03:0a.1 0805: 1524:0750

Okay, so you have PCI_DEVICE_ID_ENE_CB714_SD and not
PCI_DEVICE_ID_ENE_CB714_SD_2 (just in case they need to be dealt

> > And does it make a difference if you use the SDIO-WLAN card or a standard SD
> > memory card?
> Um, I don't have physical access to the box, Naveen or Vipin would have to
> test this.

Might be worth.



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